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Construction of Wadi Suroor Dam in Dhairah complete

20 Sep 2023 Construction of Wadi Suroor Dam in Dhairah complete By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Wadi Suroor Dam, located in the wilayat of Dhank, Dhahirah governorate, has started functioning fully after its successful completion.

The Ministry of Agricultural, Fisheries, and Water Resources (MAFWR) announced the completion and cited the construction of the dam as a pivotal move to bolster the falaj and water wells in the region.

About 165m in length, the dam stands 15m tall with a base width of 6m. Its spillway extends 55m, and the dam boasts a storage capacity of 1.29mn cubic metre.

Designed for both underground and surface storage, the Wadi Suroor Dam will play a crucial role in ensuring water availability for farms, villages, and population centres nestled in the valley’s slopes and mountains. Additionally, the dam offers enhanced flood protection for several villages.

However, the challenges persist. Data from the Ministry reveal a concerning annual water deficit of 316mn cubic metre.

Although the renewable water sources provide roughly 1.318mn cubic metre annually, the strain on these resources is palpable, highlighting the importance of infrastructure projects like the Wadi Suroor Dam.

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