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IntercityHotel Muscat celebrates first year anniversary

17 Sep 2023

IntercityHotel Muscat, operated by Deutsche Hospitality, commemorated the first anniversary of delivering renowned German hospitality to guests in the heart of Muscat.

IntercityHotel boasts of contemporary decor with a touch of Omani tradition. As part of the renowned Deutsche Hospitality brand, the hotel seamlessly integrates German precision and efficiency into every aspect of guest experience.

Deutsche Hospitality’s portfolio in the region comprises of 25 properties with over 7,000 keys. Steigenberger Hotel & Resorts have some of the most stunning proper9es in Alexandria and Cairo (home
to One of the Seven Wonders of the World). Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts is the Second Biggest brand in Egypt. Our presence in Tunisia known for its golden beaches, and a unique blend of Arab and Berber
cultures, offers a choice of Steigenberger and Jaz brands. The Middle East por2olio spans across UAE, Oman, KSA and Qatar which includes The Steigenberger Hotel and Residence Doha, IntercityHotel Muscat, IntercityHotel Nizwa, IntercityHotel Salalah, IntercityHotel Riyadh, IntercityHotel Jaddaf Waterfront Dubai and Al Hamra Residence and Al Hamra Village Hotel, Ras Al Khaimah.

Talking about the company’s growth and expansion strategies in the Middle East region, Siegfried Nierhaus, Vice President Middle East, Deutsche Hospitality said, ” Our strategy for growth is to enter into management agreement with local property owners and developers, franchising, partnerships and joint ventures. The biggest growth opportunity for us is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where we are focusing on four distinct verticals, including giga and mega projects, key cities, second-tier
cities, and pilgrimage destinations. We will introduce different hotel brands to meet the growing demand for upscale leisure hospitality, while addressing the midscale market needs with the launch of additional IntercityHotel properties across key cities especially Oman where the interest from the developers and owners are extremely high due to the success of the IntercityHotel brand in the country. New to the region – Zleep Hotels, our economy lifestyle brand is planned for its regional debut in KSA. We are also looking to debut the region’s first CitySquare. – a new social lobby providing a multifunctional space for our guests. The inauguration of this concept will be at our fantastic IntercityHotel Muscat. The Middle East’s strategic location, diverse markets and rising in sustainable tourism makes it an ideal designation for unique experiences. Our expansion strategy will enable us to offer unparallel service and outstanding
German hospitality. At Deutsche Hospitality, we are focused on delivering exceptional value to guests and maintaining our leading position in the region’s thriving hospitality industry.”

Deutsche Hospitality adapts its hotel brands, such as Steigenberger, IntercityHotel, and others, to cater to the preferences and needs of Middle Eastern travelers through various strategies.

As stated by the Siegfried Nierhaus, these adaptations include, “In operating in this region, we cater to the preferences and needs of the travelers. Specific adaptations can vary depending on the location and market dynamics, but strategies to consider would be Cultural sensitivity, understanding and respecting local customs and cultural are paramount – aware of dress codes, dietary restrictions (halal food options), and customs related to greeting and interaction. Praying facilities, providing prayer rooms and Qibla direction markers in guest rooms. Alcohol policies, some ME travelers prefer hotels with alcohol-free options or private spaces where alcohol is not served, policies are adapted accordingly. VIP luxury service and Business facilities are very important in the Middle East. So, providing exclusive lounges, luxury transportation options, and state-of-the-art meeting facilities is very important while always maintaining our core brand identity.”

Talking about what distinguishes Deutsche Hospitality’s brands from other hotel chains in the Middle East, he said, “”We have our own distinct identity and target audience. For example, Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts caters to luxury and upscale travelers, while IntercityHotel offers a more mid-scale and business-oriented experience. This differentiation allows us to appeal to a wide range of guests with varying preferences and budgets. Our strategies follow cultural sensitivity, halal and Arabic services, location strategy – properties located near key business districts, tourist attractions, or transportation hubs can be attractive to guests. Luxury and Upscale amenities to cater to high-end travelers. Digital innovation and Sustainability initiatives are very high on our agenda; guests in the Middle East are increasingly conscious of environmental issues, and our hotels prioritize sustainability. Having a strong guest loyalty program incentivizes repeat stays and creates a loyal customer base. Our loyalty program – H Rewards with over 200 million members, is the biggest loyalty program in the hospitality industry. Our experienced and strong regional teams at Deutsche Hospitality continuously assess market dynamics, guests’ preferences, and competitive offerings to stay well ahead and competitive in the ME crowded hotel market.”

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