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Festival ground for fun and frolic


Muscat – Muscat Municipality is set to change the city’s events scene with its plan for a multifaceted festival ground. This comprehensive venue will be designed to accommodate a myriad of events throughout the calendar year. With a dedicated space tailored for versatility, the new festival ground promises enhanced event experiences and the potential to attract large crowds, making Muscat a hub for festivities and gatherings. How will this facility help in having quality festivals/events and attracting large crowds? Here’s what readers of Muscat Daily said –

Reema Bhatia

Festival time in Muscat is when families get together. Keeping in mind the various age groups, there should be more activities, games, some boating adventures and numerous food stalls to attract crowds. There should be proper parking, good lighting, restroom facilities and convenient time slots for various shows.

Srikanth Ayyagari
Deputy manager

The multifaceted festival ground in Muscat will elevate event quality by offering state-of-the-art facilities and a consistent, well-managed space. This centralised hub will become a cultural focal point, drawing larger crowds as it simplifies access to diverse events, ultimately fostering community engagement and enhancing Muscat’s cultural vibrancy.

Manna Prasad
Life skills trainer

Having a single venue is definitely a godsend considering it will serve as a single point of communication, making it accessible across communities, facilitating logistics and fostering cross-culture exchange and formation of networks. It appears that it’s going to be cost-effective as well as easy to coordinate/supervise events. Ideally, it will cancel out the lags in commuting and convenience can be prioritised. This will also make the site a familiar place, easily approachable and with that it’ll become a hub pulling large crowds to one common location.

Khalil S Faraji

We need such a venue in the heart of Muscat, somewhere close to the expressway, with lots of free parking all year around. Seeb and Amerat parks are way too far with lots of accidents and traffic jams during festivals.

Vinay Shetty
Senior solutions consultant

If a festival ground has to attract crowds around the year, besides food and children’s entertainment, there must be a temperature controlled garden area, which can be visited even during the daytime, with lot of fountains, greenery and a platform for people to demonstrate creative talents in music and art.

Nasser Mohammed al Adawi
Brand manager

Festivals showcase talents and contribute to nurturing, supporting and empowering these while also connecting them to international peers. Festivals increase interest in local heritage and promote cultural and heritage tourism.

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