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To the Moon and Back

16 Sep 2023 To the Moon and Back

So, we have witnessed history being made, the Chandrayaan 3 landing successfully on the Moon’s south surface. ‘To the Moon and back’ would now be an easy claim to make, wouldn’t be? The roadside Romeo’s will have to be innovative with making some taller, unachievable, larger than life claims now. They can’t rely on ‘to the Moon and back’ since that is something we have seen with our own eyes. The girlfriends wouldn’t flinch when being called chaand or they wouldn’t be moved with romantic gestures of singing the Savage Garden song, Love you to the Moon and back. All you Casanovas or hopelessly romantic guys out there, look out for your next statement to achieve the unachievable.

Well in that context they have proven that nothing in unachievable. Everything is achievable with a little patience and whole hoard of dedication, and focus.

However, that did make a mighty statement back then, ‘to the Moon and back’, but the bad news for you lover boys is, that it is taken. On the other hand, what is this incessant need to woo a person you love, with such fairy-tale claims. Is it because its poetic, romantic, never seen or heard or is it purely the need to procreate an unachievable goal and hence the partner would not see them as unfit to keep up to their words. Now I know I’m being too harsh out here, but do I see the need to be harsh to these false promises made just to woo the person you like.

But let’s not be a pessimist here, my new motto in life is to look at things in a brighter light, maybe even a neon light, which could blur your vision immediately if you are above the age of 40, but besides that point. Well, the optimistic reason being that we like to create a wonderland, a place in our head, in our make-believe world to make something far, closer to us. To visualise a world full of love and making unachievable goals be achievable. And when we live in that little head of our, life seems prettier than the harsh realities of today’s age. In our imaginary world within the head, we have the blatant reality kept aside neatly pleated on a table; and fantasy takes the front seat in the play. Disclaimer, I love my inner world, its far more glamorous and colourful.

Is that so, when we fall in love first, it’s exciting, rosy and invigorating, but as times passes somewhere the magic dies? Do we stop fantasising about our glamourous inner world and only look at our life as mundane and colourless. Does a visualisation of ‘to the Moon and back’ start looking like a dream that won’t come true?

But you know what, when the Chandrayaan went to the Moon and did what was unattainable, it made us believe that our unachievable goals, can also be attained. It thrusted the power of belief, the power of hope, the power of hard work, the power of consistency, the power of faith and the power of intelligence. It made us believe that, if we strive harder, hang in longer, and make a fraction of use of our grey matter, then nothing is impossible, and after all we could achieve that poetic version of a romance novel.

It makes us believe that we can achieve any aspiring dreams, if only we go for it!

[The columnist Vaishali Hamlai is a certified MBTI coach and a best-selling author, who delves into the complexities of the mind and soul to guide and interpret social behaviour]

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