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Dhofar workshop highlights future of AI

6 Sep 2023

Muscat – The Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology (MTCIT) in partnership with the Dhofar Governor Office on Tuesday hosted a workshop on artificial intelligence (AI) and its societal implications.

The event aimed to deepen public comprehension of AI, addressing its potential advantages, ethical considerations, and dispelling associated apprehensions.

The first session delved into the real-world applications of generative AI across various industries. The following segment discussed AI’s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its broad-reaching impacts. Content creation through AI was the focal point of the third session. Leading the fourth session, Mashael Awad al Saiari from the University of Technology and Applied Sciences explored the evolution of education in the AI-driven era. The concluding session centered on local AI-related laws, regulations, and ongoing initiatives.

Hamdan Al Alawi, Director of AI and Advanced Technology Programme Development at MTCIT, remarked, “This workshop marks the fourth phase of our AI-focused initiative, previously held in the interior, Buraimi, and North Batinah. The core objective is to enhance AI awareness as part of our national program.”

Tuwah Abdullah al Dawood of MTCIT shed light on the workshop’s comprehensive coverage. “We introduced participants to the digital economy, AI, and cutting-edge technologies. Discussions spanned from generative AI applications to AI’s influence on job roles and emerging trends. Practical AI tool demonstrations further enriched the learning experience.”

Dr Mashael Awad Al Saiari underscored the imperative of adapting to AI for educational advancement. She highlighted the pathways for AI integration in higher education while addressing potential challenges and strategies to mitigate them.

Drawing a diverse audience, including government officials, students, and job seekers, the workshop became a platform for robust discussions, indicative of society’s keen interest in AI advancements.

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