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EA campaigns to save nature in Jabal Akhdar

26 Aug 2023 EA campaigns to save nature in Jabal Akhdar By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Environment Authority (EA) is conducting yet another campaign in the wilayat of Jabal Akhdar to raise awareness among the people to protect the natural resources in the lap of the Hajar Mountains.

EA is implementing the second edition of the ‘Environmental Protectors’ programme in Jabal Akhdar, which aims to raise the level of environmental awareness among the citizens and tourists to monitor and report any action that may cause harm to the environment.

EA programme is being held to inform people about its efforts to safeguard the environment and the region’s natural resources. The authority noted a significant increase in awareness among the citizens since the programme’s inception last year. It called for ‘shared responsibility in preserving our environment and encouraging collective efforts to protect the region’s unique natural resources’.

In order to curb harmful environmental practices, the authority aims to educate both locals and tourists about the repercussions of such activities. This includes safeguarding wildlife and specific wild trees such as Al Alan and Al Atm.

The team will monitor and prevent tree burning, particularly at sites where barbecuing is common. Field teams will be deployed for oversight at various tourist spots in Jabal Akhdar.

This initiative taken by EA in collaboration with government agencies and private sector institutions is focused on providing services and hosting various activities in the wilayat.

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