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Mission – Space

20 Aug 2023 Mission - Space

With its strategic geographical location and growing investment in space technology, Oman holds significant potential to emerge as a notable player in satellite deployment and space exploration. The sultanate’s expansive deserts provide ideal conditions for constructing launch facilities.

With its stable political environment and commitment to technological advancement, Oman is poised to establish itself as a regional space hub. Collaborative efforts with international space agencies and private aerospace companies could further amplify Oman’s capabilities and foster knowledge exchange.

Is Oman ready to send satellites into space? Do you think the sultanate has the potential to become a space hub in the near future? Here’s what Muscat Daily readers said –

Srikanth Ayyagari, Engineer

While still developing its space capabilities, the sultanate’s strategic location and investments indicate potential for growth. With focused efforts, Oman could emerge as a regional space hub in the coming years.

Juslin Juno, Chemist

Oman is making strides in its space efforts. Its potential as a space hub depends on continued investment in infrastructure, technology and partnerships. With continued commitment, it could establish itself as a player in the global space industry.

Bilawal Ali, Sales and marketing head

Oman has been making strides in its space programme, including establishment of the Oman Astronomical Society which encourages interest and raises awareness on space sciences. However, readiness for future satellite missions would depend on technological advancements, funding and international collaborations.

Melissa Schiele, Conservation project manager

It depends on which sensors the satellites will have. Remote sensing devices dedicated to the region could be a game changer for land use change, conservation area monitoring and illegal fisheries and security surveillance.

Harsh Anjaria, Landscape architect

Oman’s landscape provides ample opportunities for space experiments. As for launching a space mission, I don’t think in the next five to eight years. Additionally, locations near the Equator are preferred to launch rockets.

Raziya Sultana, Teacher

Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has announced the identification of potential space launch sites, marking a significant step in the sultanate’s space exploration programme. And with Duqm’s space settlement project, the sultanate is not very far from becoming a space hub in the region.

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