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Masar project in Amerat a boon for street vendors

19 Aug 2023 Masar project in Amerat a boon for street vendors By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Muscat Municipality unveiled the Masar project in Amerat on Thursday, marking a significant development in redefining street vending activities in the city. The initiative is set to centralise street vendor operations, enhancing not only the urban aesthetic but also ensuring safety and orderliness.

At its core, the project’s vision is to maintain the cultural charm of street vending while introducing rigorous food quality standards. By providing a designated area for street vendors, the project aims to reduce the environmental impact, particularly from grilling carts, on residential spaces.

A critical aspect of the Masar project is to rejuvenate the business environment for street vendors, ensuring they can operate without inadvertently causing traffic congestion. The municipality’s goal is to eliminate random and unsystematic sales methods and enhance the overall visual appeal of the area. One of the strategic moves involves repositioning entrances and exits to keep vending sites at a safe distance from residential communities.

Designed to accommodate up to 20 vendor vehicles, the new site has infrastructure improvements, including 12 lighting poles, marble waste disposal containers, seating areas and restrooms.

Earlier this year, Muscat Municipality revised regulations for mobile vending. The new guidelines serve as a testament to the municipality’s commitment to preserving urban spaces. ‘Our objective is to ensure these businesses operate within a structured, legal framework that prioritises public safety,’ the civic body stated.

The updated regulations stipulate that only Omanis are eligible to run mobile vending businesses. Vendors are mandated to secure initial approval for their intended activity and can only commence operations after obtaining final consent from the municipality of the concerned wilayat. Furthermore, all licensed vendors are obligated to meet established health criteria while conducting business.

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