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Residents enthusiastic about new walkway in Wadi Kabir 

12 Aug 2023

Muscat – Wadi Kabir is abuzz with anticipation as a new 2km walkway nears completion. Positioned directly across Lulu Hypermarket Wadi Kabir and stretching till the end of the road, this track is expected to become a popular evening exercise spot for residents. 

Offering a diverse array of amenities, the walkway will meander past coffee shops, shawarma stalls, the Friday market and Sri Lankan School Muscat before ending near the Horse Roundabout.

Wadi Kabir resident Shakeb Aiyaaz enthusiastically remarked, “This stretch promises to provide strollers a refreshing break away from the cacophony of city noise. The sound of children playing and birds returning to their nests in the evening will be very relaxing.”

Aiyaaz, who does his evening walks with his mother, added, “It is safe for both women and children to come for their walk here.”

While being close to Qantab, once a popular destination among residents and tourists alike, the walkway will also feature a dedicated cycle track, encouraging residents to take up cycling as a healthy routine.

An engineer involved in the project informed that the walkway remained in planning stage for a considerable period of time before work finally commenced. With a similar facility completed on the other side of the road, it was decided that this stretch of the road would receive a similar enhancement. 

Set to be finished in the coming months, the stretch will include seating arrangements for senior citizens, contributing to its community-friendly appeal.

Another Wadi Kabir resident Prakash Kumar is relieved to see the work in progress. “I had to go to the other side of the road with my family for morning walks. This was sometimes a hassle, as I needed to drive there and it was often tough to find parking.”

But now with this walkway just next to his apartment, it will be easier for Kumar. “Like the other side of the road, this stretch promises to be clean and well maintained. Motivation to work out regularly will come naturally.”

The new walkway is a welcome addition to Wadi Kabir, reflecting Muscat Municipality’s commitment to enhancing public spaces for leisure, exercise and community engagement. It is an investment in urban planning prioritising pedestrian experiences catering to all residents, young and old. The residents’ eager anticipation testifies to the importance of such communal spaces in fostering a vibrant urban life.

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