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Pioneering 3D printed coffee shop opens in Duqm

9 Aug 2023

Duqm – Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD) has announced the opening of the first-ever commercial coffee shop constructed using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology.

Spread over 101sqm, this unique establishment has been entrusted to an ambitious Omani entrepreneur, marking a significant milestone in the region’s pursuit of innovation and economic empowerment.

Sultan bin Saeed al Defaie, small and medium enterprises specialist at SEZAD, expressed his enthusiasm for this new development, saying, “We are wholeheartedly committed to supporting SMEs and fostering their growth within the thriving ecosystem of Special Economic Zone at Duqm. By collaborating with SMEs, we reaffirm our unwavering dedication to their success. We have carefully selected an Omani entrepreneur to manage this coffee shop, further reinforcing our initiatives to bolster in-country value, promote an entrepreneurial culture, and drive social and commercial development in SEZAD.”

As part of SEZAD’s overarching strategy to foster seamless integration and effective partnerships between public and private sector entities, comprehensive support and facilities are offered to SMEs.

This includes the provision of modern and innovative marketing outlets within SEZAD, enabling these enterprises to expand, flourish and connect with diverse segments of society, Defaie informed. Ali bin Nasser al Qassabi, operator of Cafia Café, has announced the opening of its second branch, housed in the 3D café building in Duqm. This architectural marvel holds the distinction of being the first licensed 3D building in Oman.

Situated in the heart of the region’s vibrant tourist area, Cafia Café is focused on two key elements to create an exceptional experience for its patrons – unparalleled attention to the quality of coffee and other beverages on offer, ensuring a delightful sensory journey for coffee enthusiasts; and the café’s interior design, which exhibits a unique character, making it an ideal destination for both local residents and visitors.

The result has been an overwhelmingly positive response and high customer satisfaction.

Cafia Café is committed to offering specialised coffee and tea options. The café’s menu includes a diverse range of cold and hot beverages, meticulously prepared by skilled specialists. In addition, a delectable assortment of sweets, cakes and croissants is available, sourced from a specialised instant coffee production unit to cater to the varied tastes of customers.

Additionally, Cafia Café is collaborating with several reputed Omani roasters, forming a collaborative environment that can serve as a role model for aspiring Omani entrepreneurs.

“Cafia Café is strategically located in close proximity to the Duqm Front Residential Complex, the road leading to Duqm Beach – an important tourist destination in the region – and a selection of hotels and residential complexes,” Qassabi highlighted.

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