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Oman hosts Arab Camp for Girl Guides in Salalah

7 Aug 2023 Oman hosts Arab Camp for Girl Guides in Salalah

Salalah – The 25th Arab Camp for Girl Guides and the 22nd Summer Camp for Girl Guides started in Salalah on Monday, marking the commencement of a series of engaging and educational activities.

Organised by the Directorate General of Scouts and Girl Guides at the Ministry of Education, the event, running until August 12, is unfolding under the banner of ‘Future Skills, Innovation, Challenge and Sustainability’.

Aiming to blend traditional guiding with a contemporary touch, the camp focuses on nurturing skills related to living with nature, engaging in guiding traditions, and applying camping skills.

The theme emphasises the development of challenge and adventure abilities among the female guides, fostering an understanding of nature through scientific and tourism visits, and crafting opportunities for innovation through seminars.

An underlying goal is to inculcate values of humanity and foster exchange of expertise among the delegations.

With approximately 250 participants, the event has drawn 144 leaders and guides from Oman, joined by attendees from Libya, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Sudan, Lebanon, and Egypt.

A diverse and rich programme awaits the participants, encompassing sports, cultural and artistic events, as well as a myriad of workshops and activities. Specific workshops include the ‘Challenge’ workshop, the ‘Arab Guide Medal’, a workshop aimed at ‘promoting girls’ health’, and the Pioneer Leaders seminar.

A unique highlight of the camp is the ‘Nature’ programme, providing a chance to explore the knowledge and tourism richness in the states of Taqah and Mirbat.

By fostering a blend of tradition and innovation, this year’s camp represents a beacon of growth and community building. The gathering not only celebrates the guiding movement but also serves as a platform for intellectual exchange, cultural appreciation, and the development of future skills, essential for tomorrow’s leaders.

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