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Walkers in Muscat defend their stride – indoors against outdoors

2 Aug 2023 walkers

Most people in Muscat turn to walking as an easy-to-do daily option to satisfy their quest for fitness. In the epic battle of exercise, however, they are further torn between striding on a treadmill indoors or hitting the great outdoors for a stroll in nature. Though summer temperatures play spoilsport, here’s how a few regular ‘walkers’ back their own individual choices:

Nature walkers
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1. What are the advantages of walking outside over treadmill?

Beena Sharma, a housewife, believes that connecting with nature surpasses the benefits of using a treadmill as it accords a refreshing effect on the mind. “For the past decade, I make it a point to walk twice a day, with the goal of reaching at least 10,000 steps daily. I can do it at my convenience, whenever I feel so, unlike following strict timings in a gym”

2. How often do you count your calories burned?

Yusuf al Amri, a retired individual, said, “I am not able to monitor calories burned – I need to download a smartphone app for that – but I check my weight using an electronic weighing machine at home.”

3. Besides walking, do you also do any other exercises?

Paramjeet Kaur, a resident of Wadi Kabir who has been dealing with sugar-related health issues, said, “As per the doctor’s recommendation, I combine hand clapping while walking, using the stationery cycle (available in parks), and practising yoga, too.”

4. Have you made any changes in your diet?

Salman al Balushi, a senior service engineer at Bank Muscat, said, “I eat only one meal a day and fast for five days a week. I find this essential for maintaining my fitness level.”

5. What motivates you to go for walks?

Paramjeet Kaur said, “My motivation is my own desire to stay fit and healthy as I grow old. Besides, I enjoy the bonding experience when my entire family joins me for walks together.”

Treadmill walkers
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1. What are the advantages of using treadmill over walking outside?

Sapna, a housewife, finds the gym routine simpler and more effective than outdoor walking. “Going to the gym has greatly improved my sleep, flexibility, and balance. I feel fit and accomplished after each workout. In just 7-8 months, I have successfully lost 9kg. Besides, one can workout in air-conditioned premises in stead of sweating it out outdoors.

2.How often do you count your calories burned?

Firdaus Khan, a civil design engineer, monitors his weight every week. “It has become more convenient to monitor the number of calories burned, and distance travelled, thanks to the gym machines we have available.”

3. Besides walking, do you also do any other exercises?

Mohammad Shahil, a gym trainer, said, “Simply walking can lead to skin sagging for some people. Hence it is important to incorporate a few strength training exercises to build stamina and have effective results.”

4. Have you made any changes in your diet?

Firdaus Khan, who used to eat three heavy meals a day – dinner being particularly late – said, “I’ve made a positive change in my eating habits. Now, I eat more vegetables and have only fruits for dinner.”

5. What motivates you to use the treadmill?

Firdaus Khan, who has a gym subscription, said, “My motivation to stay consistent stems from the fact that I have invested in this option and need to make the most of it.”

(Contributed by: Deeba Parween)

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