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AI: An ally, not adversary, in the future workplace

17 Jul 2023 By ANIRBAN RAY

Muscat – Despite fears of job loss due to artificial intelligence (AI), the technology is emerging as an ally not a threat in the modern workplace. This was the consensus at the AI Marketing Summit Oman, a one-day event held by Dentsu M21 at Crowne Plaza Hotel on Monday.

AI must be seen as a smart and proactive partner, according to experts at the event. The summit touched upon the influence of AI in marketing, and discussed opportunities, challenges and benefits for businesses.

In his presentation, keynote speaker Sorav Jain, founder of Digital Scholar, said, “This summit aims to equip marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners with tools to leverage AI, outperform competitors and adapt to the digital age. AI is not a threat but a proactive and intelligent companion, which is reshaping employment.”

He informed that AI is facilitating a job transition where tasks are efficiently divided between humans and machines.

Sorav believes automating routine tasks will allow employees to engage in more complex, creative and mentally stimulating tasks “requiring uniquely human skills”.

The summit also highlighted key tools for marketing, particularly generative AI.

“Generative tools demonstrate how AI enhances our capabilities rather than diminish our value. Individuals can ready themselves for this new landscape by harnessing AI’s potential to unlock a world of opportunities, from text to image and text to video, benefiting small businesses in particular,” said Rishi Jain, co-founder of Digital Scholar, another speaker at the summit.

The key for jobseekers and employees to thrive in this AI-driven era, Rishi added, is to understand AI’s transformative nature and actively engage in professional development.

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