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Aster al Raffah Hospital Sohar launches cardiac cath lab services

11 Jul 2023

Muscat – Aster al Raffah Hospital Sohar inaugurated an advanced cardiac cath lab on Tuesday, making it the first private hospital in North Batinah to offer such services. The opening took place in the presence of Mohammed bin Abdullah al Busaidi, Wali of Sohar, and other esteemed guests from the Ministry of Health, Sohar Hospital and the Ministry of Social Development.

Aster al Raffah Hospital Sohar extended its gratitude to the Ministry of Health and Directorate General of Private Health Establishments for granting approvals and enabling it to offer state-of-the-art services to the community for advanced cardiac care.

With the introduction of advanced cath lab services in Sohar, Aster al Raffah Hospital has eliminated the need for people to travel to Muscat for emergency cardiac care, ensuring timely access to life-saving interventions within the crucial ‘golden hour’ of emergencies.

The inauguration witnessed the gathering of prominent figures from the healthcare sector, including Shailesh Guntu, CEO of Aster Hospitals & Clinics Oman, Dr Shinoop, Regional Head of Aster Hospitals & Clinics, Dr Anuj Tiwari, Unit Head Aster al Raffah Hospital Sohar, Dr Swaroop Dundi, Medical Superintend, and Dr Mohammed Sakib, Interventional Cardiologist.

After touring the facility, the Wali of Sohar said, “I am happy to see the advanced facility and clinicians at Aster al Raffah Hospital Sohar. This facility will help both citizens and expat populations in the region to avail emergency heart services to save lives’.’

Introduction of the cath lab at Aster al Raffah Hospital Sohar is a remarkable advancement in cardiac care capabilities within the region, a press release said. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by highly skilled cardiologists and medical professionals, the cath lab will provide comprehensive diagnostic and interventional cardiac services. The facility is a testament to Aster al Raffah Hospital’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality healthcare services, the release added.

The opening of the facility marks a significant step towards fulfilling the region’s growing demand for specialised cardiac care. It showcases the hospital’s dedication to collaboration and cooperation with governmental bodies to improve healthcare standards in the region.

At the opening ceremony, Aster al Raffah Hospital announced that it will provide 24×7 emergency cardiac services, ensuring around-the-clock access to life-saving care for patients experiencing cardiac emergencies. The facility aims to minimise response times and enhance patient outcomes in critical situations.

In addition, the hospital will establish a dedicated Heart Failure Clinic, focusing on early detection, diagnosis and management of heart failure patients. The clinic’s multidisciplinary team of specialists will provide personalised treatment plans, counselling and support to patients suffering from heart failure, promoting a better quality of life.

Aster al Raffah Hospital’s commitment to exceptional healthcare services aligns with the national healthcare strategy and reinforces its dedication to the well-being of the community it serves. The hospital’s relentless pursuit of excellence has earned it a reputation as a trusted healthcare provider, delivering compassionate care combined with the latest medical advancements.

The introduction of cath lab services, along with the announcement of 24×7 emergency cardiac services and the Heart Failure Clinic, showcase Aster al Raffah Hospital’s commitment to enhancing the cardiac care landscape in the Sohar region. By providing access to advanced cardiac care, the hospital aims to improve patient outcomes and contribute to a healthier community.

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