Saturday, December 02
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RO85mn project advances water transmission system in Barka, Sohar


Muscat – Work is progressing on a strategic project focused on improving the water transmission system connecting the wilayats of Barka and Sohar. Nama Water Services Company is leading this project, which has achieved a completion rate of 94% at a total cost of RO85mn.

This project holds great importance as it is set to ensure water supply to all the wilayats in both the South Batinah and North Batinah governorates.

The project focuses on strengthening the existing water transmission lines from the desalination plants in Barka and Sohar. It involves the extension of pipelines spanning approximately 140km, with diameters ranging from 600 to 1800mm.

Additionally, the project encompasses the construction of water tanks with a total storage capacity of 88,000 cubic meters and the establishment of five water pumping stations. It is anticipated that the project will be operational by the last quarter of 2023.

Key components of the project include the implementation of civil, mechanical, and electrical works, as well as control and monitoring systems. This entails the construction of a pumping station equipped with four pumps, each with a capacity of 3970 cubic meters per hour. These pumps will transport water from the new water pumping station in Barka to the main reservoirs in the Oman Logistics Zone.

Moreover, the project includes the implementation of a 20km-long water transmission line with a diameter of 1800mm, linking the Barka water pumping station to the reservoirs of the Oman Logistics Area. Additionally, it involves the construction of a 900m long, 800mm diameter water transmission line to connect the existing water transmission line in Barka with the existing Barka reservoir. A new water reservoir with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters will be established, along with a water pumping station equipped with four pumps, each capable of delivering 3,295 cubic meters per hour. These pumps will supply water to the Suwaiq, Musannah, and Al Hazm reservoirs.

Furthermore, three pumps, each with a capacity of 746 cubic meters per hour, will be installed to transport water to the existing new Barka reservoir, which will serve the wilayat of Wadi al Maawil and Nakhal. This will be achieved through the construction of a 600mm diameter water transmission line spanning 800m from the water pumping station in the Oman Logistics Area.

Nama Water Services Company is dedicated to reinforcing water security by increasing water production from desalination plants and establishing an integrated transmission system enhancing interconnection between desalination plants and expanding water networks to meet the growing demand for water.

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