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Ina Paarman story built on the strongest foundation of all: family

10 Jul 2023

The Ina Paarman story is one of true grit and determination, perseverance and passion, built on the strongest foundation of all: family.

What we know today as Paarman Foods, a company which supplies a range of almost 200 products to South Africa and more than 30 countries around the world, comes from humble beginnings – a cookery school in a converted garage in 1982. At the time, Ina was a senior lecturer at the Cape Technikon, with two sons at school and university, and a house to pay off. The leap of faith to open her school was enormous, and one which paid off.

It was by no means an overnight success; cooking classes were unusual at the time and there was no budget for advertising. Sons Graham and Kevin were enlisted to deliver homemade flyers in letter boxes. The Paarmans stuck it out and seven years later, Graham had a business degree and big ideas for an enterprise combining his and his mother’s skills. Along with her self-published first book, Cook With Ina Paarman, and husband Ted’s bold investment of his retirement savings, the capital was raised to take the step forward into food manufacturing.

This unwavering support when it was needed most has seen Paarman Foods grow into a household brand, and a name loved and respected in kitchens everywhere. Consumer trust is the result of Paarman Foods’ commitment to quality, integrity and consistency, providing convenience but never compromising on flavour or nutrition. Ingredients are fresh and seasonal, and recipes are time-honoured and traditional, with no hint of mass production in the taste.

The Paarman Foods’ concept is that of recreating the wholesomeness of home cooking, in a fraction of the time.

It’s more than 40 years since Ina taught her first class in that garage, but the story is far from over. The Paarmans and their team are as ardent as ever  – if not more so – in continuing their dream of elevating and adding to people’s lives in the kitchen, with their dedication to delicious excellence.

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