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ASMED launches Information Plus electronic system to empower SMEs 

5 Jul 2023

Muscat – The Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (ASMED) has collaborated with Royal Oman Police (ROP) to introduce an electronic system called ‘Information Plus’. 

The user-friendly system, accessible through the ASMED website, serves as a comprehensive digital resource for company and establishment information, including location, activities, employees and economic data.

The primary objective of the system is to foster an entrepreneurial environment and establish a centralised electronic database to support SMEs in their business endeavours, aligning with Oman Vision 2040’s national objectives. By promoting entrepreneurship as a crucial driver of the economy, the system facilitates data-driven decision-making in economic and strategic sectors.

By encouraging the use of open data and providing access to SME owners, the system empowers entrepreneurs to launch their projects and tackle various challenges through innovative solutions. It lays the foundation for a digital economy rooted in a knowledge society and innovation. The shared and reusable information can be transformed into tools and applications that drive research, innovation and smart solutions.

At the core of ASMED’s proactive operations, the system plays a pivotal role by offering easy access to open data in digital format, ensuring swift responses and convenience. To support aspiring entrepreneurs and SME owners, ASMED will organise workshops where they can gain valuable insights and guidance for establishing their projects.

The system will prove invaluable in conducting market research before initiating a project. It will also promote integration between SMEs and larger companies, serving as an effective tool to identify promising opportunities within different governorates and urban communities.

With an interactive map interface, the system provides a wealth of information on government and private sector establishments within an entrepreneur’s specific governorate, wilayat and urban community.

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