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Safe or risky ride?

2 Jul 2023

Electric scooters – the new mode of transport in the city – are gaining popularity owing to affordability and convenience. But these can also be a safety hazard for both motorists and scooter riders themselves when the latter fail to follow road rules or don’t use safety gear.
Are e-scooters a safe mode of transport? How can authorities prevent accidents involving e-scooters? Here’s what Muscat Daily readers said –

Jayento Sarkkar, Contracts manager
E-scooters can be a safe mode of transport if proper regulations and safety measures are in place. Authorities can prevent accidents involving e-scooters by strict enforcement of traffic laws, promoting rider education and training, creating designated lanes, enforcing speed limits, and ensuring regular maintenance and inspection of scooters. And finally, helmets must be made mandatory.

Jayatee Choudhury, Student
E-scooters are not safe. To prevent accidents there should be separate lanes for these scooters. Road safety classes should be held for scooter riders. Precautionary measures, including indicators, should be provided in the scooters.

Sanarab Kazi, Housewife
It is crucial to provide dedicated lanes for two-wheelers and designated areas for parking. Additionally, scooter riders must prioritise their safety by wearing appropriate protective gear before embarking on their journey. To ensure compliance, authorities should issue clear instructions and impose fines on those who fail to adhere to safety regulations.

Mike Kosie, Businessman
To prevent accidents, e-scooters should be designated to separate lanes, especially in densely populated areas. However, they should not be allowed on expressways or superhighways. Riders should be strictly required to wear appropriate safety gear to minimise the risk of injury in the event of a fall. E-scooters can provide an enjoyable riding experience, particularly in the pleasant evening hours. By implementing appropriate laws and ensuring safety measures, they can serve as an additional mode of transport.

Hafsa Nayebali, High school student
Scooters have consistently proven to be a secure mode of transport, leaving no doubt about their safety. Utilising an e-scooter engages the core muscles and legs, offering numerous positive effects on physical health. These include enhancing core strength, promoting proper posture, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, burning calories, improving balance, and more. To prevent accidents, it is crucial to prioritise safety by wearing a helmet, and knee and elbow pads can provide further protection against injuries resulting from falls and collisions. Alternatively, establishing dedicated lanes specifically designed for e-scooters, similar to the existing bicycle lanes, can also contribute to accident prevention.

Mohamed Asiq, HSE engineer
E-scooters can be a safe mode of transport when used responsibly and with appropriate safety measures. There are inherent risks associated with any form of transportation, including e-scooters. To ensure safe e-scooter usage, riders should wear helmets, follow traffic rules, ride responsibly, be aware of surroundings, and park properly. Authorities should invest in dedicated lanes, enforce regulations and licensing, and conduct public awareness campaigns.

Sahaya Vijaya Kumar, Quality control engineer
E-scooters have emerged as a convenient and affordable mode of transport. It is advisable to allocate dedicated lanes for their usage, along with promoting the use of reflective jackets while riding. Overtaking larger vehicles should be discouraged, and an age limit could be imposed for riders. Strict penalties should be enforced for those who violate traffic regulations.

Mohammed Asif, Accountant
Implementing dedicated lanes for two-wheelers and mandating the use of headlights and indicators would be beneficial.

Anand Paralikar, Treasury manager
E-scooters can be a safe mode of transport when used responsibly and within the guidelines set by the authorities. However, there are certain risks associated with these scooters, such as collision with pedestrians, other vehicles or stationary objects. Authorities can take measures such as creating dedicated bike or scooter lanes which e-scooters can safely use without interfering with pedestrians or other vehicles; implementing speed limits for e-scooters, especially in areas with high pedestrian traffic; and making helmets and other protective gear mandatory for all e-scooter riders. Additionally, authorities can ensure safety by enforcing strict rules and regulations for e-scooter rental companies, including proper maintenance and safety inspection of their fleets; and increasing public awareness campaigns to educate riders on safe riding practices and the potential risks associated with e-scooter use.

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