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Dhofar Municipality offers incentives to vendors to bolster SMEs during khareef

1 Jul 2023

Muscat – Dhofar Municipality is taking steps to bolster small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by providing seven designated locations for street vendors during the ongoing khareef season in the governorate. 

The municipality is offering stalls and carts to street vendors free of charge, aiming to support employment opportunities and foster entrepreneurship among young Omanis.

Announcing the initiative, a Dhofar Municipality official stated, “Priority will be given to individuals holding Riyada Cards issued by the Authority for SME Development.”

The deadline for submitting applications is July 2. Successful applicants will be exempt from fees and must employ Omani staff throughout the specified operating period from July 15 to October 15. 

The allocated sites for street vendors include Maqshen Oasis, Italat Hamrir, uptown area of Atteen plain, Darbat waterfalls, Canal Walk in Wadi Darbat, Ain Jerziz and Al Mughsail. 

Additionally, in an effort to ensure food safety and adherence to health control measures, the municipality has launched a campaign to electronically monitor food preparation in restaurants and cafes. As part of the first phase, the campaign mandates the installation of HD surveillance cameras (CCTVs) in food preparation areas of restaurants, bakeries, cafes and commercial kitchens.

These establishments are required to have a television screen – minimum 32 inch – in the dining hall, enabling customers to observe real-time food and beverage preparation. The campaign’s objectives include reducing violations, enhancing health control measures, and monitoring food preparation and staff performance to ensure the safety of visitors and overall food safety.

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