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CDAA confirms complete preparedness for khareef in Dhofar

25 Jun 2023

Muscat – The Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) is prepared to offer emergency and ambulance services during the khareef season in Dhofar. 

Col Mubarak bin Salim al Araimi, Director General of Operations and Training at CDAA, highlighted the authority’s readiness and outlined its operational plans for khareef 2023.

Col Mubarak bin Salim al Araimi

To ensure effective response, CDAA has strengthened its existing centres and established additional posts along roads leading to Dhofar governorate in Dakhliyah, Dhahirah and Al Wusta. These posts will enable the authority to respond to incidents reported during the season. 

Additional reinforcement has been deployed to the coastal road connecting South Sharqiyah and Al Wusta with Dhofar. 

Emphasising the importance of safety, Col Araimi stated that institutions, companies and property owners must comply with safety requirements. These include conducting necessary maintenance, following safety procedures and implementing safety measures to protect lives and property. CDAA will intensify inspections to monitor violations and take appropriate measures to ensure civil protection.

CDAA urged visitors during khareef to follow safety instructions, prepare adequately for their trip, maintain their vehicles, carry a first aid kit, ensure the presence and validity of fire extinguishers, familiarise themselves with rest areas and vehicle service stations along their route, choose appropriate time to travel, rest to prevent exhaustion, and follow safety instructions. 

CDAA advised visitors not to swim in undesignated places such as wadis, pools and beaches, in particular, due to high sea waves and currents that intensify during khareef. 

It stated that it is crucial to monitor children and they must not be left alone in vehicles to ensure everyone’s safety.

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