Friday, December 01
11:06 PM

Indian Embassy warns of fraudulent calls


Muscat – Several Indian expatriates in Oman have reported receiving fraudulent calls claiming to be from the Indian Embassy. The callers ask for personal information and demand payments, allegedly to update details in the embassy’s records.

Following reports of the scam calls, the Indian Embassy in Oman issued a notice urging caution. The embassy emphasised that ‘these calls falsely claim association with the embassy and ask for payments related to alleged documentation problems’.

Reports have emerged of instances where unsuspecting individuals were convinced to make payments. However, some individuals like Kaif, an AC businessman in Ghubra, sensed something was wrong and refused to pay or provide any information when asked to update his details.

“I received a call from someone claiming to be from the Indian Embassy a week ago. He asked for my passport details and requested an update. He said that because of the summers, facilities were now available to update the details online for a fee. I sensed something wrong. I dilly-dallied to buy time; he called me back after a few days with a threatening tone. I did not fall for his antics and refused any payment or details.’

Santosh JP, a salesman in Ruwi, received a similar fraudulent call. He was aware of scamsters’ ploy to use the summer heat as an excuse to deceive people.

“I have received similar calls in the past on behalf of leading banks and mobile phone companies, so I knew their modus operandi,” he said.

The Indian Embassy further cautioned against sharing personal details and making payments without verification. ‘The Embassy of India does not ask for such payments.’

In the event of receiving any suspicious call, it should be reported to the embassy via email – [email protected] – for verification of facts.

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