Tuesday, December 05
03:59 PM

Muscat Municipality takes action to curb summer snake infestation


Muscat – Muscat Municipality has started taking various measures to control the spread of snakes during the summer months in the governorate.

The municipality aims to address the issue of snakes seeking refuge in homes, parks, and farms in search of food, water, and humid environment due to the rising temperatures.

As part of the ongoing snake control efforts, Muscat Municipality is using repellents and traps.

The municipality is actively engaged in these campaigns, ensuring constant monitoring and control, the civic body stated.

To support this endeavour, Muscat Municipality has invited everyone to contact the toll-free number 1111 on noticing any snake or for general queries on this issue.

‘The municipality values the participation and cooperation of the community in ensuring a snake-free environment.’

Last year, the Health Affairs Department of Muscat Municipality provided comprehensive training to 20 of its employees in snake control. With this training, the municipality now possesses a dedicated team of qualified people capable of effectively handling emergency situations related to snake reports.

The personnel of the department have received extensive knowledge about the various types of snakes commonly found in the sultanate, their habitats, behaviour, and methods to differentiate between venomous and non-venomous species.

‘This knowledge equips them with the necessary skills to assess and respond appropriately to snake-related incidents.’

Additionally, Muscat Municipality has prioritised educating its personnel on following health and environmental guidelines when dealing with snake control.

‘This ensures that the management of snakes aligns with best practices to safeguard both human health and the environment,’ the municipality explained.

By implementing these measures and spreading awareness, Muscat Municipality aims to mitigate the risks associated with snakes, creating a safer and more secure environment for residents and visitors alike.

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