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Alizz Islamic Bank targets university and college students as it launches the educational programme ‘Manahil Alizz’

11 Jun 2023

Alizz Islamic Bank proudly announced the launch of the ‘Manahil Alizz’ internship program during a celebratory event which has been designed to empower and prepare third year university and college students and augment their capabilities by equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge required to successfully enter and thrive in the job market. The program aims to not only enhance their leadership, personal development and project management skills but also teach them how to overcome challenges in the business sector and find suitable solutions.

The program will broaden the students’ perspectives and equip them with skills beyond their academic specialization. This holistic approach is demonstrated through a comprehensive range of lectures and classes encompassing topics such as Islamic economics, Islamic banking, endowment (waqf), voluntary work, and other relevant disciplines.

Additionally, the 3-month program boasts a distinguished group of both internal and external experts, including specialized instructors well-versed in the principles and regulations of Islamic law as it pertains to Islamic banking. Alizz Islamic Bank’s Learning and Development Department has meticulously crafted an integrated curriculum that seamlessly blends theoretical knowledge with practical training.

The inaugural batch of the program consists of 21 male and female students from various universities and colleges across the Sultanate. The selection process involved nominations from their respective academic institutions and Alizz Islamic bank has meticulously prepared a suitable framework, comprehensive curriculum and high-level classes and sessions to enhance their educational skills using the latest modern techniques. This approach ensures that knowledge is accessible to all students, obtained flexibly and easily equips them to understand the corporate working environment, banking sector characteristics and fostering innovative thinking that enables them to become decision-makers and effective initiators in addressing key industry needs.

Mr. Ali Al Mani, the General Manager of Alizz Islamic Bank, emphasized that the demand for specialized personnel in the Islamic banking sector has led to the development of this programme. Its primary objective is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of Islamic banking, including its principles which are based on Islamic Shari’a and the fundamental distinctions between Islamic and conventional banks. Students will also benefit from a distinguished group of lecturers who will transfer knowledge and expertise to them. “Given the continuous growth of the sector and the scarcity of specializations in Islamic banking within universities and colleges, our commitment extends beyond the provision of banking services. We place great importance on education, training and development, empowering future generations and equipping them with the skills and capabilities needed to contribute their creative potential towards serving their communities, meeting their requirements, and keeping up with the rapid changes and transformations of our modern era. We firmly believe that the growth of individuals leads to the prosperity of the societies we live in.” Al Mani said

He further added, “Qualifying, training, and investing in human capital are among our top priorities. The training opportunities at Alizz Islamic Bank are available to both students and employees. Our development journey is comprehensive, recognizing no boundaries in the realm of knowledge. We are confident that the knowledge acquired by students through this programme will equip them with the necessary skills, preparing them to enter the job market and compete efficiently while possessing a deep understanding of the fundamentals of Islamic banking and services that comply with the principles of Islamic Shari’a. We also extend our gratitude to colleges and universities for their valuable cooperation in ensuring the success of this program and advancing initiatives that contribute to the development of the Islamic banking sector.

It is worth noting that the bank operates with transparent procedures that guarantee the provision of comprehensive and innovative products and solutions inspired by the principles of Islamic Shari’a, catering to the diverse needs of individual and commercial customers.

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