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906 labour complaints, 1,139 arrests in May: MoL

10 Jun 2023

Muscat – The Ministry of Labour (MoL) received a total of 906 labour complaints from across the sultanate in the month of May leading to 257 cases reaching the court of law.

The ministry conducted numerous inspection visits and awareness campaigns throughout the governorates during the last month to detect/thwart any violation of labour laws, besides having workers as well as their employers know about their rights and responsibilities.

Out of the 906 complaints, 257 were referred to the competent courts, while 27 complaints are still under investigation, the ministry informed. 

The remaining cases were amicably resolved through mutual agreements between the two involved parties.

In Dakhiliyah governorate in particular, MoL received 376 labour complaints. Of these complaints, 75% were resolved amicably.

In 2022, the ministry received a total of 66,469 labour complaints from various parts of the sultanate. Throughout the year, the ministry conducted over 12,045 inspections and 2,114 awareness campaigns in different governorates.

Addressing the violation of labour laws, the ministry made some significant breakthroughs, resulting in the arrest of 1,139 expatriate workers in May. 

MoL conducted 804 inspections in Muscat governorate during the month, leading to the deportation of 990 workers for violating labour laws.

Among the violators, 210 were found to be occupying jobs meant for Omanis, 291 were working for someone else, other than their employer, while 612 were self-employed and 26 engaged in unauthorised professions.

On the importance of having labour unions, an MoL official informed 57 unions were registered in the sultanate as of 2022, acknowledging their significant role in the market.

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