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FDI in Oman surpasses RO19.6bn

23 May 2023

Muscat – The latest data released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) reveals that foreign direct investment (FDI) in Oman reached a significant total of RO19.620bn in 2022, representing an increase of RO1.860bn compared to the previous year’s figure of RO17.760bn.

The oil and gas sector claimed the largest share of FDI in 2022 amounting to RO14.166bn, marking a substantial growth from RO12.177bn in 2021.

Following closely behind was the manufacturing sector, accounting for RO1.549bn, experiencing a decline from RO1.705bn in 2021. The financial sector was third with RO1.481bn, down from RO1.648bn in 2021.

Real estate activities saw an increase in FDI from RO990.6mn in 2021 to RO1.037bn in 2022. Other sectors also experienced growth, from RO1.240bn to RO1.388bn.

Among the countries contributing to FDI, the United Kingdom emerged as the top investor with a substantial investment of RO10.156bn. The United States of America followed closely behind with RO2.735bn, while the United Arab Emirates was third with RO1.083bn.

Kuwait invested RO927.5mn, China RO896.8mn, Bahrain RO370.3mn, Qatar RO327.7mn, India RO255.2mn, the Netherlands RO241.1mn, Switzerland RO171.1mn and RO2.458bn by other countries.

These FDI figures indicate a positive trend for Oman’s economic growth and signify the country’s attraction for international investors. The increase in FDI underscores the confidence and trust placed in Oman’s business climate and investment opportunities.

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