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Testing limits of endurance during Ramadan

10 Apr 2023

I have always wondered about the human capabilities and potential when it comes to fasting in Ramadan.

I remember my first job when I was just 16. I worked as a technician in an oil refinery. We used to work outdoors in the field in extremely hot weather when Ramadan fell between the months of June and July.

I have to admit that it wasn’t easy working in the heat but we really enjoyed what we did and had the passion to do more. This made me think deeply in today’s time whether we are actually pushing ourselves hard during the month of Ramadan doing our chores or are we just assuming that we don’t have energy and we are too tired to do anything?

Ramadan is the month of change, but if the change that impacts you is not a positive one, then you have not benefited from the blessings and the wisdom of fasting during the month.

I, personally, push myself to the limit in Ramadan. I am addicted to pressure and I love being busy throughout the day. Once, I experimented not doing anything in Ramadan – no lectures, no talk shows and no events – and I have to admit that it was the worst Ramadan ever.

Your body sends false signals to your brain – most of the time – which play a dirty game on you, leading you to believe that you either need rest or food. But the reality is that you should take control and determine what your exact needs are and not the other way around.

A piece of advice to the young people fasting this Ramadan – take advantage of every moment during the month and be as productive as possible, as it is not only a moral obligation but it is also a spiritual obligation, and we will be accountable for our actions on the day of judgment.

Hatim Harith al Abdissalaam
Motivational Speaker & member of Islamic Information Centre, Grand Mosque

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