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Indian artist to present ‘Colours of Life’ solo exhibition

28 Jan 2023 colours of life By HUBERT VAZ

A mystical collection of around 30 abstracts by senior Indian artist, Kanak Mitra, will be opened at Matti Sirvio Art Galleria on Friday. The solo exhibition, titled ‘Colours of Life’, reflects the artist’s deep-rooted creativity which has taken on multiple forms in his own life

Every section of each painting of this Indian artist has points to ponder and every painting has a complex, yet thought-provoking, message. And when he puts a collection of his artworks together, the result is magical.

Kanak Mitra, a seasoned Indian artist who has been residing and teaching art in Oman for the past few decades, now comes forth with a unique solo exhibition titled Colours of Life which will be inaugurated by Maryam al Zadjali, popular Omani artist and former director of Omani Society for Fine Arts, at Matti Sirvio Art Galleria on February 3. The guest of honour will be Dr J Retnakumar, founder and chairman of Bhavalaya Art and Culture Foundation, and an ardent art lover.

A round of the gallery when Mitra’s exhibition – Colours of Life – is on is in itself a lesson in abstract painting. Every frame is vibrant, every frame is layered with details in bold hues, every frame speaks to the viewer. While each of Mitra’s canvases has a clear message, closer inspection takes one into a story or a reflection that is either an eye-opener or a pointer to some issue that needs introspection.

In a chat with Muscat Daily, Mitra shared the essence of his skill unleashed in this exhibition. Excerpts:

colours of life 2

For how long have you worked in this collection?

I have been working on this collection for the last 3-4 years. Most of it was done during the time of lockdown in Muscat, due to the pandemic which held sway from 2019 till 2022. The creative process became more active because of having a peaceful art corner, more free time and space, though the pain, suffering, anxiety, and uncertainty of the pandemic were present every moment. Very few works will be in this exhibition from my old collections.

What is the central message of this exhibition?

I wish to convey the message of creativity, the joy of creativity. I think truly creative people are blessed. They are happy they make others happy. Creativity is not restricted to art, music or dance, but any other field of individual choice. I believe in the phrase – Do what you love to do.

Do you visualise your abstracts before you start a painting or does the artwork dictate the treatment as it progresses?

No. I do not visualise my abstracts before I start a painting. You are correct. My artworks dictate the treatment as they progress. It is an unknown journey of joy and creativity.

You are interested in music and dance, too, do those also find expression in your work?

Definitely. My interest in music and dance does find an expression in my artworks because they remain in my subconscious mind hidden and I am not aware of those while drawing and painting.

What do you see as the main difference in creative art and creative performance?

I see no difference, except for the medium of expression.

What advice would you like to give budding artists in Oman who love abstract painting?

My advice to budding artists in Oman is – There is no shortcut to the success. If you have achieved something through a shortcut, then you have to return back through the shortcut. Do really understand what ‘Abstract Art’ is and then enjoy the creative process.

Did you ever get out of two dimensional canvasses and tried multi-dimensional artworks that appeals to all senses?

No. That is altogether a different field in the world of art.

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