Monday, January 30
09:55 PM

Omanis entitled to permanent, private, light driving licence


Muscat – The Directorate General of Traffic at Royal Oman Police (ROP) has published a list of conditions for obtaining a permanent, private, light driving licence for Omanis.

In a statement, ROP clarified that in order to obtain the licence, the applicant must be Omani and not work as a driver of any other type of vehicle. ‘No less than 15 years must have passed since obtaining the first driving licence,’ ROP stated.

According to ROP, the applicant must also not have any health restrictions such as a disability, with the exception of prescription lenses and glasses.

‘The applicant is required to have a driving record free of any violations of the first category during the previous three years prior to submitting the application,’ ROP stated.

It noted that the permanent licence will be withdrawn if any of the aforementioned conditions are found to be lacking.

‘It is also not possible to combine the permanent special light driving licence with any other licences from another category.’

Earlier, the longest validity for driver’s licence for Omanis was ten years, while new Omani drivers get one-year driver’s licence which is renewed for a period of two years.

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