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Football fans in Oman hail Japanese ‘cleaning’ culture

26 Nov 2022 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – After their historic victory over Germany at Khalifa International Stadium on Wednesday, Japanese fans were seen cleaning the stadium before leaving the arena.

Images of them collect trash into plastic bags after the game went viral on social media, prompting a strong reaction from people in Oman with comments on the lesson to be learnt from the Japanese in keeping the environment clean.

Muscat Daily spoke to Omani fans who are watching the World Cup closely. Issa al Masoudi said, “Japanese fans celebrated their 2-1 victory over Germany in their first 2022 World Cup game by cleaning out the trash. This isn’t the first time the Japanese fans have done such a thing; they have been doing similar good deeds at previous World Cups.”

Masoudi informed that the Japanese instill the culture of cleanliness in children from childhood. “This is a wonderful culture because children grow up into people who love their country and respect for others. We need to spread that culture at home, in our schools and mosques, even in our private and government sector offices. Oman is a beautiful country and it is worth working for it and spreading awareness among those few who litter.”

According to Nasser al Hosni, the Japanese fans’ celebration by cleaning up the stadium after the game is evidence of their progress, civilisation and self-reliance. “The Japanese people built themselves up after the end of World War II that destroyed them and taught their children how to rebuild their civilisation in a very short time. It is a culture that we should learn from to build our homeland.”

Hosni believes preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. He called on all citizens and residents to follow the example of the Japanese. “I urge every one to pick up trash, wherever one sees it.”

Fahad al Yusufi said Oman should launch awareness campaigns on cleanliness and encourage people to throw waste in trash bins. “We have to tip our hats to the Japanese fans. We must start teaching the importance of cleanliness of the environment from an early age to our children.”

Government employee Yahya al Hassani said, “I like what the Japanese fans did at the end of the match. I hope to see such scenes in our stadiums and tourist sites. Unfortunately, there are many who leave their trash on beaches and tourist places after enjoying an outing.”

Environmental specialist Ahlam al Muqbali observed that the Japanese are raised in a culture of cleanliness and respect for the environment from childhood. “They do not leave rubbish behind and they respect the place where they stay. We must teach our children and create awareness among people to preserve the environment.”

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