Thursday, February 22
04:05 PM

‘Amad Duqm 22’ to welcome visitors from Friday


Duqm – The Special Economic Zone at Duqm is continuing preparations for the launch of ‘Amad Duqm 22’, tomorrow, Friday. The Event, which will run through for 9 days, is organised in cooperation between the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones (OPAZ) and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.

‘Amad Duqm 22’ Event comes as a mini experimental laboratory for the aspirations of Omani youth. The design and implementation processes were entrusted to a selected group of creative Omani youth to create a vision that combines science, technology, art and entertainment to create a better world.

Eng Ahmed bin Ali Akaak, Acting CEO of the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, welcomed the participants in the Amad Duqm 22 Event and introduced them to the elements that the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, which make it the city of the future and youth.

Akaak noted that the idea behind this Event is to enhance the role of culture, innovation, sports, technology and sustainability, and to introduce the economic potential and the growing investments in the region. Since youth are the cornerstone of achieving future aspirations, Amad Duqm 22 Event was organised to incubate the vision and creativity of youth.

“We, in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, welcome all youth activities that support youth”, he added.

Dr Said bin Khalifa al Tuwairshi, Head of the Supervisory Committee for Amad Duqm 22 Event, stated that the Event will host more than 30 youth activities in various fields such as culture, sports, innovation, technology, sustainability and entertainment, in line with the aspirations of young people.

He pointed out that the idea of ‘Amad Duqm 22’ Event came as part of the efforts being made to enhance the presence of the Special Economic Zone at Duqm as a modern and prosperous city that embraces art and innovation. It also seeks to introduce Duqm as a futuristic city that attracts young people and their projects in various fields such as energy, industry and logistics, in addition to tourism projects. The Event provides an opportunity for young people to transform their skills and innovations into promising economic projects that take advantage of the available opportunities. It also aims to provide various options for infrastructure and housing.

Al Tuwairshi indicated that the Event, which is being held on an area of 500,000 sqm, was designed to simulate a residential village with integrated facilities. It is hoped that the Event will attract more than 20,000 young men and women between the ages of 13 to 40 years.

“Since Duqm is the city of the future, it provides a lot of opportunities and economic potential. It also seeks to become a model in work, housing and lifestyle, he added.

“Duqm is suitable for the Event because it encourages immersion in the experience and meditation in an atmosphere of tranquility away from the noise of the city”, he furthered.

For his part, Saud bin Badr Ambusaidi, Assistant Director General of the Directorate General of Sports Activities at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, confirmed that the Ministry’s participation in Amad Duqm 22 Event emanates from its keenness to contain youth and erupt their energies through various activities and Events that will start tomorrow, Friday. The Event also coincides with the most prominent global Event in the region currently (the World Cup). This means that young people in Duqm will find another parallel field that that combines sculpture, theater and music.

“Duqm was chosen because it is the gateway to the Omani economy in the future stage. The Ministry desires to provide the opportunity for young people to express their vision about technological advancements in an incubation village, Amad Duqm.”

A visitor to this Event will feel that he is a traveller who moved 100 years into the future. S/he will experience an environment that seems somewhat familiar to him/her, but it is from another future time. The experience of visiting the Event is shrouded in mystery, suspense and entertainment because all its elements seem bizarre; they are from the future. The Event calls for contemplation and mediation through dozens of abstract and interactive artistic works and structures distributed over the village spaces. The village will see also a number of recreational activities.

With the cold winter breezes engulfing Duqm, the visitor will see a march of many cars that will tour the roads of Duqm. The march, which announces the official launch of the Event, will be subject to specific controls and guidelines. Fireworks will also accompany the event.

The Events in ‘Amad Duqm 22’ will be diverse and combine the future vision of youth and brainstorming. Tomorrow, Friday, there will be a meditation session, an electric bike circuit (scooter), Badil exhibition games, an obstacle course, drones, a remote control car racing circuit, art labs, video games, and backgammon.

The play ‘Lamada’ will be shown. There will be as well concerts, astronomy camp and other Events that introduce visitors to the pristine nature of Duqm.

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