Tuesday, November 28
09:16 PM

Ardha race to kick off on November27


Muscat- Organised by the Royal Camel Corps (RCC), Ardha races will start from Sunday, November 27, at Al Felaij in Wilayat Barka.

The three-day race comes as a part of the Annual Festival for Local Camel Races 2022/2023. RCC also revealed the event schedule, distributing wilayats in the morning and afternoon sessions.

RCC confirmed that participation is limited to pure Omani Ardha female camels of Thanaya and Hayel categories that were previously registered at the wali’s offices.

Ardha is a race in which two camels with their riders on them run side by side for a short distance.

On Sunday morning, the participation will begin with the wilayats of Muscat, Seeb, Rustaq, Musanna, Al Awabi, Wadi al Maawil, Nakhl, Yanqul, Mahdah, Al Buraimi, Liwa, Shinas, Sohar, Ibri and Dhank, and in the afternoon session, the wilayat of Khaburah.

On Monday, the participation will continue with the wilayats of Bidiyah, Sur, Wadi Bani Khalid, Al Qabil, Mudhaibi, Dima wa Al Tayin, Barka, Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan, Jaalan Bani Bu Ali, Al Kamil wa Al Wafi, and Ibra in the morning session, and the wilayats of Suwaiq, Samail and Bidiyah in the afternoon session. On the last day, the wilayat of Saham will participate.

It is worth mentioning that the Sultanate of Oman succeeded in 2018 in registering the horse and camel Ardha on the Unesco Intangible World Heritage List.

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