Wednesday, November 29
12:39 PM

Muscat Municipality: Feeding birds in public squares a risk to health and environment


Muscat – Muscat Municipality has urged citizens and residents to refrain from feeding birds in public squares as the activity spoils the aesthetics of the city and also has consequences on public health.

‘Muscat Municipality works constantly to address issues which adversely affect public health, the environment and urban aesthetics. Some activities are still seen and practised in certain neighbourhoods of the governorate, such as feeding birds in public squares,’ the civic body stated.

Feeding birds in public squares leaves behind grains and other food waste which over time rot resulting in bad odour. ‘The stench from the toxic mix of food and bird droppings bothers people who want to spend time outdoors and those who exercise or practice sports in public squares.’

Grain and food waste in public squares and footpaths left for birds also attract insects, which in turn, need extra effort of the municipality’s waste removal staff, the civic body cautioned.

Additionally, regularly feeding birds in an area leads to nesting in the neighbourhood buildings – in balconies, air conditioner units and communications towers.

‘Bird droppings have uric acid which can destroy almost any material, including wood, steel and iron over a long period of time,’ the municipality warned.

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