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MHT invites bids for development of Ibri Castle, Husn Bait al Marah

2 Nov 2022

Muscat – The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism (MHT) has invited bids for the development and management of Ibri Castle and Husn Bait al Marah in Dhahirah, two among the most elegant forts of the sultanate.

Interested parties are requested to submit an expression of interest, an action plan on how they propose to develop and manage the two sites, the organisational structure of the institution, including detailed information on shareholders and partners, and previous jobs done.

The scope of the tender includes expansion of building structures, documentation and presentation of the historical significance of the two sites and marketing these for cultural and heritage tourism.

According to MHT, interested parties must submit a study that includes marketing the two sites commercially and culturally, holding artistic and cultural events and workshops, and introducing various activities to revive the monuments. Proposals must highlight the architectural uniqueness of the monuments and involve the local community in cultural and social events.

The deadline for bid submission is December 29, 2022.

Built 400 years ago, Ibri Castle stands in the centre of the wilayat of Ibri adjacent to an old souq. The castle’s four gates are called Sabah al Hara, Sabah al Barzah, Sabah al Sinsilah and Sabah al Awsat. It has a mosque the roof of which is made of compressed gravel.

Husn Bait al Marah is the third largest historical structure in the country, located in the wilayat of Yanqul surrounded by farms, houses and an old souq. It was built more than 400 years ago when the Nabhani tribe ruled the area. The castle has three independent structures within in – Bait al Basra, Bait al Sharqi and Bait al Aod.

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