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Omantel boosts 5G coverage in Muscat and Al Batinah

20 Aug 2022

Muscat – Omantel has come a long way in leading the 5G deployment in Oman. In a breakthrough achievement, the company has now covered the populated areas in the governorates of Muscat, Al Batinah South and Al Batinah North with real 5G speeds.

“We have successfully rolled out a large number of new 5G sites in the populated areas of Muscat, Al Batinah North and Al Batinah South governorates. These new sites will serve home internet and mobile internet alike, and users will get an optimum speed even at the edge of the coverage range,” Aladdin Baitfadhil, chief commercial officer at Omantel, said in a press release.

Omantel has poured massive efforts into rolling 5G sites in the populated areas across the country. The city of Salalah is one among many other locations that the company has targeted due to the high demand for an ultra-fast internet connection.

“We managed to ensure a fast and steady connection everywhere within the coverage range, even for mobile users, through smaller 5G cells that connect to the main tower,” Baitfadhil explained.

He further said, “5G is an integral part of Omantel’s ecosystem and we have the widest coverage of the network in Oman. We see 5G as the key enabler for Industry 4.0 technologies, like IoT, cloud computing, big data and analytics, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, with its massive network capacity and ultra-low latency. Our role, at Omantel, is to lay the groundwork to help our partners in the public and private sectors to tap into the growing opportunities that arise as technology advances.”

Due to demographic and geographic factors, 5G is the way forward to ensure a high-speed and low-latency internet connection in Al Batinah North and Al-Batinah South governorates and other locations where ‘fiber’ is technically challenging and financially unviable, Baitfadhil said.

“Therefore, we are keen on enhancing our 5G footprint in Al-Batinah and elsewhere to build on our main role of connecting the society within Oman and with the world to the utmost level,” he noted.

Omantel was the first operator in Oman to announce the commercial launch of 5G for fixed home broadband and mobile. Today, the company continuous to bolster its 5G’s leadership in the country with enhanced network coverage, versatile offerings, and strong partnerships.

5G technology offers a seamless internet experience and it takes home and mobile services to a whole new level of excellence. With the high throughput and ultra-low latency, customers can experience immersive gaming, cloud gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality capabilities and much more.

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