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31% of workforce don’t have GED qualification in Oman

6 Aug 2022

Muscat – There were 392,872 employees in the sultanate’s government sector, inclusive of all nationalities, compared to 1,482,180 workers in the private sector, and 283,567 in the family sector in 2021.

According to the 2022 Statistical Yearbook issued by National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) listing data for 2021, 82 per cent of the 2,158,619 workers employed in various sectors in 2021 were men – 1,773,744 – while the number of female workers was 358,545.

The number of Omanis working in the government sector was 351,231 (male and female), compared to 41,641 expatriate workers, while the Omanisation rate in the private sector was 89 per cent.

According to the data for 2021, educational qualifications of more than half of the workers in the Omani labour market were less than General Education Diploma. Of the total, 18,140 were illiterate, 492,431 could only read and write and the largest segment of workers (688,091) didn’t have a General Education Diploma (GED), constituting more than 31 per cent of the total workers in the sultanate.

The number of workers with a Bachelor’s degree was 269,645, while 27,809 held a Master’s degree.
Among expatriate employees, there were 131,273 with higher qualifications (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD), including 17,754 foreign workers in the government sector.

According to the 2022 Statistical Yearbook, 40 GCC nationals, 18,159 Indians, 9,449 Egyptians, 1,513 Sudanese, 382 Jordanians, and 2,372 other Arab nationalities worked in the public sector.

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