Friday, December 01
07:51 AM

CDAA calls for caution as heavy rains expected on Tuesday and Wednesday


Muscat – With heavy rainfall predicted in most governorates on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) have urged all to exercise maximum caution.

In a statement, CAA said, ‘Due to heavy rains expected on Tuesday and Wednesday – estimated to be in the range of 20mm to 100mm – the authority advises all to take maximum precaution, stay alert, avoid the sea and follow weather bulletins and reports.’

To enhance the readiness of emergency services, the National Committee for Emergency Management activated sub-committees in the governorates of Muscat, North Sharqiyah, Dakhliyah, Dhahirah, North Batinah, South Batinah, Buraimi and Musandam.

On Tuesday, overcast skies are predicted over most governorates with chances of heavy thundershowers with varying intensity rain in North Sharqiyah, South Sharqiyah, Muscat, Dakhliyah and South Batinah governorates. It may also extend to North Batinah, Musandam, Dhahirah and Buraimi.

On Wednesday, violent thundershowers are expected over Muscat, North Batinah, South Batinah and Musandam, which may extend to North Sharqiyah, South Sharqiyah, Dakhliyah, Dhahirah and Buraimi.

CAA stated that the impact on Tuesday and Wednesday is expected to include heavy rains, which may lead to overflowing wadis and flooding of low lying areas.

Fresh winds blowing between 40kmph and 80kmph, may cause flaying of unstable objects and materials. The state of the sea will be rough along coastal areas with waves of a maximum height of 4m.

CDAA said that it is monitoring the weather situation and called on everyone to be cautious, not risk crossing wadis, stay away from low lying coastal areas, and electricity and lighting poles.

Medical response teams ready

The Medical Response and Public Health Sector also affirmed its readiness to deal with the weather situation. It has developed a plan to ensure the continuity of work at health institutions and the provision of services in affected areas.

Dr Rashid bin Hamad al Badi, Director of Emergency Cases Management Centre in the Ministry of Health, said his department has directed health institutions in the governorates that are expected to be affected by the weather situation to take appropriate measures and provide all health services through medical personnel, dispense medicines and health supplies and to intervene and deal quickly with any health emergencies that may occur.

He added that the department has directed health institutions to be ready to deal with power outages and water supply interruptions.

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