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Beat the heat

26 Jun 2022

While no one can control the outdoor temperature, we can make sure that we do all that we possibly can to stay safe and healthy as a hot spell can become unbearable.
Heat leads to headaches, fatigue, dizziness and loss of concentration. It may even lead to fainting, if not hydrated enough. Experts say some modifications in daily lifestyle can help mitigate the effects of scorching heat on the body. Here, Muscat Daily readers share tips on staying safe during high temperatures.

Bader al Harthy
Government employee

The heat is severe and I feel that people must avoid going out in the afternoons. If they have to go out, avoid walking directly under the sun. Walk under a shade, and where there is none, use an umbrella or a cap.

Srinivas Sutrapu
Nutrition consultant

In high temperatures, our body automatically produces excess sweat to cool our body environment. Staying in an air-conditioned environment, drinking 5lt-6lt of water and 2-3 glasses of freshly prepared fruit juice every day, and avoiding use of ovens and gas stoves will save us from extreme temperatures.

Muna Basheer al Zadjali
Private sector employee

Everyone can be affected by hot weather and it is important that you take care whenever the temperatures start to rise. The best way to stay safe in the summer heat is to spend time in a cool place and drink plenty of water. Avoid being out in the sun during the hottest part of the day (around midday). Pay attention to local authorities and heed heat advisories and warnings.

Badru Zaman
Marketing executive

Outdoor staff should request change in work timings to early morning or late evening. Drink plenty of fluids even if not feeling thirsty. Have salt tablets. Try to work under makeshift shade like beach umbrellas, portable awnings and open tents. Take a break every 40 minutes from direct sunlight exposure to avoid heat stroke. Wear comfortable clothes, wet face and neck masks, and glares for eyewear. For indoor staff – stay indoors in an air-conditioned environment, drink plenty of fluids, request tinted windows, take care of overused air-conditioners and compensate with air-coolers to avoid fire.

Prakash Kumar
Private sector employee

The best way to be safe during the heat is keep oneself hydrated with water and juices. I strongly discourage having any fizzy drinks. Also, it is better to avoid spicy food and red meat. They heat up the body fast.

Asma Khan

I make sure my family members have a lot of water – at least nine glasses daily. Also, I use a sunscreen when I go out. I cover my head when I go to get my son from school.

Mohammad Rashid

I need to drive or walk under the sun for my work. I try my best to limit my meetings before 12pm or after 4pm. Timing is very important, so I suggest people to manage their meeting time smartly. We cannot control the sun but we can control our decisions about office meetings and work.

Dr Sanjay Dalal
Family physician

Don’t expose yourself to the direct sun. Wear light clothes, cover you head and wear sunglasses when you go out. When indoors, use air conditioning. Stay hydrated by consuming as much fluids as possible.

Jayatee Choudhury

To be safe during high temperatures, stay hydrated, avoid spicy foods, wear cotton clothes, eat water-rich fruits and green vegetables, take precautions while in the sun, avoid cold water just after coming from outside, and seek medical attention if you don’t feel well.

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