Tuesday, November 28
04:55 PM

Communities to finance 8 dams in Dhahirah, Dakhliyah


Muscat – The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources (MAFWR) is helping construction of eight dams in Dakhliyah and Dhahirah governorates with the support and financing of communities around these projects.

A statement issued by MAFWR described the dams as underground recharge.

‘The ministry is preparing a study of the proposed sites for the construction of the dams, including tenders and designs of the projects, while the people of the area are financing the dams,’ MAFWR stated.

Of the eight, five are in Dakhliyah – Nizwa (50m long, 12.5m high), Bidiyah (42m long, 8m high), Izki (244m long, 9m high), and two in Bahla (130m long, 5m high, and 54m long, 10m high).

Dhahirah governorate will have three dams, of which two will be constructed in the wilayat of Ibri (25m long, 9.5m high, and 226m long, 9m high). The third dam, in the wilayat of Yanqul, will be 20m long and 10m high.

The ministry has built 174 dams, 56 of which are for groundwater recharge, 115 surface storage and three for flood protection in various governorates.

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