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Hunting for Grace: Blessings of a water bottle

16 May 2022

Hunting is a genetic trait in earthly creatures. Humans have been practising hunting since the beginning of time. It was the mode of sustenance in early days. In fact, it may have been practised till recently in some remote aboriginal communities.

Some people are still very driven by this instinct and so they go on wild tours and buy costly hunting vacations just to shoot an animal. Others practise it illegally. More than one incident has been reported in Oman’s wildlife sanctuaries where endangered species were killed by poachers.

But how can we as humans keep engaging in hunting without shedding blood or breaking the law. Let me introduce you to the ‘Hunting for Grace’ model and how you can hunt with a small bottle of water instead of a gun.

From time to time, as you go out, buy a few small bottles of water. Cool them or keep them in the car’s cooler if you have one.

Seeing a worker in the middle of the day watering the street lawn or cleaning the roads, just stop and give him one. An instant Grace is gained.

When you or your children drink a bottle of water and a little is left, do not throw it. Just find a plant and water it with the few drops. Instant Grace is achieved.

Ring-pull of cans and metal caps of bottles can hunt you with lots of Grace. Do not throw them. Just collect them and give them to a charity to make prosthesis and artificial limbs. Good Grace for you!
Do not throw the bottles you drink from in the garbage. Just collect them for recycling and gain Grace.

When you have an appointment in the hospital or a clinic, take a few bottles of water with you and stack them in the cooler usually kept at the entrance. Patients will drink from these and you get Grace.

Mosques and other places of worship also keep coolers at the entrances. As you go for prayers, take a few bottles and put them in these coolers. Multiply your Grace.

Can you now see how much Blessings one can get from a small bottle of water! This is the Hunting which we should engage in. Hunting for Grace!

By Hon Nooh Mohammed Ahmed al Busaidi
Member of State Council & Chairman of the Historical Association of Oman

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