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Spreading hope in April: Month of testicular cancer awareness

23 Apr 2022

Muscat – The month of April is observed annually as Testicular Cancer Awareness Month around the world. This type of cancer most commonly affects young and middle-aged males, and this month encourages them to get tested.

Various efforts have been undertaken by individuals and organisations in Oman to make people more aware about testicular cancer.

Saud al Junaidy is one such individual who has become a beacon of hope for many. Junaidy was diagnosed with testicular cancer in April 2020, and his journey in combating cancer at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic is inspiring.

He has emerged as a true survivor, having gone from being unaware of the existence of such a type of cancer to successfully completing his treatment. Since then, he has been on a mission to raise awareness through his initiative ‘One’s Path’.

“During a time when there was a lot of fear and uncertainty among people, I felt that it was vital for me to share my story and spread awareness about testicular cancer,” Junaidy said regarding ‘One’s Path’ and the motivation behind starting it. “One’s Path was my way of spreading awareness and encouraging people to take on whatever challenges that came their way.”

With overwhelming support for his initiative, Junaidy was able to keep going and felt like he wasn’t alone on this journey. ‘One’s Path’ allowed him to interact and connect with others all around the world who were battling testicular cancer and other diseases, too.

The platform has proved to be a great support system for Junaidy and a number of other men. Addressing topics such as symptoms of testicular cancer, side effects of chemotherapy, personal stories, and significance of self-testing, ‘One’s Path’ is a support and awareness guide for anyone and everyone.

To prevent testicular cancer from spreading to other parts of the body, it is critical to detect the disease at an early stage, which dramatically increases the chances of survival.

“It is important to understand that the best way to diagnose testicular cancer at an early stage is to conduct routine self-examinations. I would recommend performing a self-examination at least once a month,” Junaidy advised. Monthly self-examinations only take a few minutes, but are critical in helping men notice any unusual changes that should be discussed with their healthcare provider.

Organisations such as Oman Cancer Association (OCA) have been crucial in assisting those diagnosed with testicular cancer in the country. Junaidy, who is also an active member of OCA, commended the organisation for assisting and supporting him during his treatment and recovery.

Cancer not only affects one’s physical health, but it can also have an impact on one’s mental status. So, maintaining a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with individuals or groups who motivate you are beneficial.

Testicular cancer remains one of the most treatable cancer types, with over 95 per cent of those diagnosed surviving past five years. As a result, early diagnosis, awareness and treatment are crucial.

(Contributed by Aashna Sanghani)

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