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Ramadan Mubarak!

19 Apr 2022

Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, a journey of spiritual and physical awakening; a month of self-reflection and endurance; and a month to strengthen your relationship with the ultimate creator.

It’s appreciating the small things in life. To some, it is an emotion, to some it is a month of forgiveness, and to many a month of happiness, endurance and resilience. It is an opportune month in a year, that helps you sit back and look within with peace and tranquility; it is the month to feel others’ pain and suffering and make them yours. A month of deep meditative state to give back, to the ones you love, and the ones not loved enough.

Ramadan fasting doesn’t just mean staying away from food, it is a metaphor for staying away from bad deeds, ill thoughts and helps one be a better person. For one to be empathetic towards others’ sufferings and pain.

It helps one appreciate the smallest of joys, and explore the power of being a family, it is the unity or the bonding one feels when you fast as one big family.

While talking to a wise man, deliberating about life and sacrifice in general, he happened to share a very interesting learning with me.

He said, “When we were small, it was harder to find food during Ramadan. At times we didn’t have enough food at the time of breaking fast. Most times, we broke fast much after Iftar time. Unknowingly, we always first offered meals to our neighbours, relatives and loved ones, and considered ourselves last, in breaking the fast. There were days when we ate something way past iftar time. At times we had enough food, otherwise we would graciously offer it all to our family guests, without any thought. At times all we had was camel milk and dates, but not once did we feel unprivileged, or complained. In fact, sharing that food gave us a different strength, a power that one can’t imagine.”

Then he gasped and said, “But today, everyone is blessed to have a table full of delicacies, and the finest food one can offer, but all we do is decline it. We refuse in the name of dieting, in the name of slimming down, today we reject what our great grandfathers considered a blessing.”

The one question that comes to my mind here is if abundance is crippling us? Abundance of food, abundance of choices, abundance of luxuries, abundance of wealth, abundance of knowledge, abundance of information, abundance of weather conditions, abundance of success, abundance of caution.

Maybe Ramadan is trying to teach us to balance our life, to balance the Yin and the Yang.

To look at the good but also see the bad, to be able to envision the true and the false, to know the right and the wrong. And to also accept the grey in between.

To understand the black and the white and then make your own rainbow out of the colours that you have!

The columnist Vaishali Hamlai is a certified MBTI coach and author. She delves into the complexities of the mind and soul to guide and interpret social behaviour.

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