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Omani researcher produces biofuel from algae

19 Apr 2022 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – To produce environmentally friendly fuel and reduce pollution, an Omani researcher has made sustainable biofuel extracted from algae.

An engineering student of Buraimi College, Hajar bint Khamis al Azriya’s project – titled Al Nabdh al Akhdar – aims to produce biofuel extracted from a mixture of different algae and also produce bio-organic fertilisers from the production waste.

“Biodiesel is an alternative to oil and reducing environmental pollution and gas emissions, as biodiesel is safer when burnt,” Hajar said.

The Ministry of Education and Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, North Sharqiyah Branch, have honoured Hajar’s project.

Additionally, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation nominated Hajar to represent the sultanate to participate in International Women’s Day celebrations held at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Hajar said, “In 2019, I did extensive work on the project, researching and conducting lab experiments in cooperation with oil and gas companies.”

She sourced different types of algae and extracted oils from these to produce biofuels. The residue of the process was used to produce organic fertiliser. “I have done a major part of the project, but I need financial and moral support to complete it and develop it further.”

Hajar has also produced sustainable biofuel extracted from contaminated and harmful veterinary medical waste.

Thanking her family for supporting her, she said, “I wasn’t born an engineer; my parents made me one.”

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