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Two killed in accident on Bausher-Amerat road

13 Apr 2022 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – Two people were killed and several injured in a collision involving three vehicles on the Bausher-Amerat road on Wednesday, according to Royal Oman Police (ROP).

A statement issued by ROP said that the accident resulted in heavy traffic in both directions on the road.

Despite the government’s best efforts over the years to build and develop more roads as a solution to the growing number of traffic jams in Muscat, the risks faced by motorists on the Bausher-Amerat road continue. Daily commuters on the road have called for efficient safety measures on an urgent basis.

A number of accidents have occurred on the road taking the lives of many and injuring still more. With this in mind, commuters are calling for a permanent solution, which many believe is an alternate road or a tunnel connecting the two wilayats of Amerat and Bausher.

Noting that even a drizzle disrupts traffic on the road, Nasser al Hosni, director of Happy Line Transport, suggested the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology re-plans the road or builds a tunnel like the one recently opened in Wadi al Aq.

“In my view, if a tunnel is not feasible, the road needs to be reconditioned,” said Bausher resident Ahmed al Balushi.

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