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Seeb Castle to be rebuilt

12 Mar 2022 Seeb Castle to be rebuilt By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – Seeb Castle that once stood on the shores of Seeb but later demolished is being built again. The older generation of Seeb citizens that had seen the castle in all its glory is excited at the prospect of it standing tall again.

The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism (MHT) recently began excavation works at the castle site. Speaking to Muscat Daily, Nasser al Hosni, MHT archaeology specialist and a member of the excavation team, said, “We spent more than two months excavating the site. The work is focused on studying artefacts – pottery and coins dating back to the Qajar era – found at the site.”

Nasser al Hosni, MHT archaeology specialist

The excavation team has presented a report on its findings and suggestions on how to ensure the preservation of the complex.

“The ministry will rebuild the castle according to the original design with the aim of reviving Omani heritage and promoting tourism,” said Hosni.

He informed that the ministry is exerting great efforts to restore forts and castles to attract tourists and stimulate tourism.

News of the castle being rebuilt brought back fond memories among those who frequented it when it still stood in the 1990s.

Zaki al Muharrami told Muscat Daily, “I am delighted to hear that Seeb Castle is being rebuilt. I have beautiful memories of time spent in it that will never be forgotten. I had a picture of the castle that I took in 1970s in my living room.”

Muharrami claimed he often told his children about the castle. “The office of the Wali of Seeb was nearby. Residents of Seeb performed Raz’ha during Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha in front of the castle.”

The traditional sword dance performed at weddings and national events, besides Eid, attracted large crowds. The male-only dance, comprised two teams – host and guest – standing in parallel rows facing each other. Two fencers representing the two teams squared off in the space between the two rows.

Ahmed al Balushi, another citizen, said, “I thank the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism for rebuilding the castle. We have beautiful memories associated with it. We used to watch football matches held at Seeb Club from the castle.”

Balushi also reminisced about a souq near the castle that sold authentic Omani dishes that attracted customers from other wilayats.

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