Wednesday, November 29
10:11 PM

Poachers arrested for hunting wild birds


Muscat – Wildlife rangers of the Environment Authority (EA) and Royal Oman Police (ROP) arrested poachers for killing wild birds in North Sharqiyah.

In a statement, EA said, ‘the General Directorate of Environment in North Sharqiyah, in cooperation with ROP, arrested a number of people for hunting wild birds in the wilayt of in Al Qabil. Those arrested were referred to the competent authorities for legal action against them.’

EA added, ‘We confirm that these actions are in clear violation of the law on Nature Reserves and Wildlife Conservation, and the act is punishable by imprisonment and a fine for anyone who causes disruption in nature conservation areas.’

According to Royal Decree No 6/2003 on the Law on Nature Reserves and Wildlife Conservation, anyone who intentionally kills, hunts or smuggles any animals or birds will be subjected to imprisonment for a period not less then six months and not exceeding five years and a fine not less then RO1,000 and not exceeding RO5,000 or any one of the two penalties.

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