Thursday, November 30
03:54 PM

168,000 people have not taken even a single dose


2,356 new cases on Wednesday

Muscat – More than 500,000 individuals have received a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine in the sultanate.

According to the Ministry of Health (MoH), the total number of people vaccinated against COVID-19 in Oman with at least one dose is 3,191,912 (1,770,962 Omanis and 1,420,950 expatriates), representing 95 per cent of the total target population.

The number of people who have received two doses is 2,976,872 (1,665,562 Omanis and 1,311,310 expatriates), representing 89 per cent of the target.
Additionally, 17 per cent or 507,440 individuals have received the booster dose (144,198 Omanis and 363,242 expats). The total number of doses administered is 6,676, 224.

But 168,000 people have not taken even a single dose yet, while 215,000 have only taken the first dose, statistical analyst Ibrahim bin Ahmed al Maimani has revealed.

“The demand from expatriates is more than citizens for the third dose,” he said.

According to Maimani, from February 1 to 8, Oman reported 18,000 new COVID-19 cases. “At this rate, we may reach or even exceed the previous record of 51,000 cases a month in July 2021.”

Third dose

Addressing the pressing matter, Dr Zakaria bin Yahya al Balushi, infectious diseases consultant at The Royal Hospital, said, “The third dose raises antibodies and immunity. Omicron spreads faster than the Delta variant, but the vaccine protects you from any complications that may lead to hospitalisation or death.”

Urging caution to prevent the spread, he said, “If you are infected or in contact with anyone infected, please do not contribute to spreading the virus by mingling with others. Remember, the virus is only transmitted from person to person. If we break the chain, cases will reduce. So do not allow it to be transmitted by gathering and mixing.”

The Directorate General of Health Services in Muscat has stated that vaccines for Omanis and expatriates are available at different locations in the governorate.

‘Vaccination service against COVID-19 is continuing for Omanis of target groups during official working days (Sunday to Thursday) at Hayy al Jamea Health Centre (8am to 8pm), Al Khuwayr North Health Centre (8am to 8pm), Ruwi Health Centre (8am to 2pm), Muscat Health Centre (8am to 2pm), Al Amerat Health Centre (8am to 2pm) and Al Sah-el Health Centre (8am to 2pm).’

Vaccination service for Omanis is also continuing at the old airport building in Seeb (8am to 2pm). At this centre, vaccines are administered to expatriates Sunday to Thursday from 8am to 2pm.

2,356 new cases on Wednesday

Ministry of Health (MoH) reported 2,356 new cases in a 24-hour period on Wednesday, taki- ng the total number of COVID-19 cases registered in the country to 359,256. Two more deaths were reported in this period.

‘The total number of COVID-19 related deaths reported in the country has now increased to 4,190,’ an MoH statement said, adding that 1,726 more cases have recovered, accounting for a total of 331,473 recoveries.

‘There were 114 new hospitalisations in the past 24 hours. The total number of COVID-19 patients currently in health institutions is 432, including 71 in intensive care units.’

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