Tuesday, January 25
02:07 AM

Residents build own road in Salma village


Muscat – Residents of Salma village in the wilayat of Quriyat in Muscat governorate have to make their way through treacherous terrain every time they leave home. The unpaved road with loose gravel gives the villagers a difficult time when they try to reach their places of work and students go to schools. To put an end to their struggle, the people of the village have come together to repair the 20km road.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Nasser Salem al Ghadani who is volunteering in the community project, said, “The road links the village of Salma and the village of Fins.”

He added, “Unfortunately, heavy rains that affected our region destroyed some parts of the road. We are unable to drive to and from the village easily. We have to climb a steep incline over loose rocks and a rugged terrain. People have to use SUVs to transport luggage.”

He said construction of the road will contribute significantly and ease movement.

“It will facilitate children’s education and, most importantly, our people will be able to get timely medical help, especially in critical conditions.”

According to Ghadani, the volunteers started work on the road in August. Cutting through hard rock, valleys and rolling down impossible slopes, the first 750m of the road has so far been completed.

“We faced challenges in transporting sand, water and cement to some parts of the rugged road. We overcame these with cooperation and patience, dividing tasks among volunteers and with help from expatriate workers,” Ghadani said.

In addition to breakdown of cars in some rugged places, in 2014 a tragic accident occurred on the road that resulted in the death of seven people, he said.

“Once renovated, the road will also give tourists access to attractions such as the Majlis al Jinn cave, Tiwi cave and other caves in the area.”
“We thank God that Cyclone Shaheen did not affect the road or our work,” he said.

“We have started collecting money to repair another stretch of about 180m in the village of Taab. We will also build a 50m wall to keep away rainwater. To complete the road, however, we need more funds,” he said, calling on private sector institutions and businessmen to help the people of Salma village pave their road.

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