Wednesday, December 01
06:59 AM

Innovation – Key to rapid development


Muscat – Young Omani innovators, armed with skills and knowhow, are gearing up to march ahead. Progress and development, they believe, depend on creating a knowledge-based society that is well versed in ICT and disruptive technologies.

Ahmed al Jabri
CEO, Qutra

New and disruptive technologies are providing an inspiration to young innovators in Oman. Although the sultanate is witnessing sustained development in the innovation sector, we are looking forward to creating a future that is aided by artificial intelligence and robotics, and exploiting the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. In the years ahead, as Oman adopts the most advanced technologies to usher in a new era of development that is on par with the rest of the world, I hope to see innovations in boosting the economy and investments to achieve economic growth in our country.
The 50 years ahead will see a spectrum of innovations around the world and Oman will claim a fair share in it if we provide our innovative youth the right support to make their dreams a reality.

Nibras al Shukaili

I hope that Oman will have a strong research infrastructure to incubate projects of young minds in the field of innovation, provide the necessary support for them, and transform their ideas into reality to contribute to the development of the economy. We have so many youngsters with outstanding talent in varied fields and I am sure that the years ahead will see Omani youth creating many new inventions to make life easier for all. What we need is backing for these bright young minds so that they are able to direct their efforts in the right direction and get due acknowledgement for their initiatives.

Saud al Mukhaini
CEO, BRQ Advanced Technology

The sultanate has made great strides in innovation over the past 50 years. Within Oman Vision 2040, the sultanate aims to reach the 20th place in the world in the field of innovation. I hope Oman will establish companies in the field of research and development. We need to make more efforts in the ICT sector and provide incubators for innovation. Rapid prototyping centres will help turn ideas into reality. All innovative ideas need to be examined in practical terms and the best must see the light of day. For this, we need to provide the right support and infrastructure that will benefit the youth as well as the country.

Omar al Maskari
Innovation ambassador, University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra

I wish the country pays attention to the capabilities of youth and provides them the necessary support to realise their aspirations in the field of innovation. I hope we spread the culture of research in society and establish smart cities and scientific festivals to attract creative minds and exchange experiences.
A centre for innovation in each governorate will help achieve the aspirations of the innovators. This is the most progressive era with regard to the use of information technology and artificial intelligence, and the sky is the limit for young minds to do their best in their chosen fields.

Muadh Humaid Salim al Subhi
CEO, Raseen Company

We have witnessed the launch of several initiatives to support youth. We hope that support for young people will continue to be reflected in the national economy. His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik supports the Omani youth in all his speeches. We, the young people, must always be ready to work, creatively and innovatively, to achieve Oman Vision 2040. It is true that hard work without the right vision can be wasted. Since we have the right vision before us, the youth need to put in painstaking efforts to innovate and introduce a new way of life for the generations ahead.
The seeds of hard work, which we sow now, will definitely make a rich harvest in the years ahead. I am sure that within the next 50 years, Oman will rank among the top countries in the world where the youth play a vital role towards global progress on all fronts.

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