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Online fundraiser ‘Art for a Cause’ helps in COVID-19 relief

15 Nov 2021

Muscat – As the fight against COVID-19 continues and many pitch in to help, the art world too has stepped into the ring in Oman.

‘Art for a Cause Oman’ is an ongoing online art fundraiser organised by Amani al Zawawi. The project raises funds for COVID-19 relief through sales of digital prints of pieces of art.

All funds raised through online auctions are donated to the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 department assisting in its work.

Describing the initiative, its founder and manager Amani said, “It took quite a bit of planning. I wanted to ensure that it didn’t look like I was keeping the money, so instead I formatted the fundraiser in a way to encourage others to donate to organisations set up by the government for COVID-19 relief.”

The logistics involved in the initiative needed ironing out, for which she had help from family.
“I needed to make sure we could distribute art pieces in a COVID-19 friendly way. The process had to be quick and efficient,” Amani added.

She selected contributors by examining the artists in her Advanced Placement art class at The American International School of Muscat. “I had just submitted my art portfolio, and I felt a bit useless because I had nothing to sell to raise enough money on my own. So I thought of asking others and making it a fundraiser.

Besides, I have been making digital art, which requires zero contact between the customer and seller. So I thought it made the most sense to auction digital art.”

She explained that art as a product has customers everywhere, and individual artists have their distinct styles that provided variety in the pieces on the block.

The initiative has the support of young artists, who previously or currently reside in the country and sell digital prints both in Oman and internationally.

Expressing her reasons for donating her art on Instagram, Maren Lee said, “This fundraiser is aiming to support this wonderful country that many call home, and I am honoured to be able to share my art to support this cause.”

A variety of art formats is on auction, including photographs and sketches.

Jeff Kim started photography in Oman “and it has been a huge part of my identity. It is truly a privilege to be part of this fundraiser and use my artwork to support the current circumstances in Oman.”

Special bundles that include multiple art pieces by individual artists sell are sold at a cheaper price.

The art pieces available for sale can be viewed at ‘art_for_a_cause_oman’ on Instagram.

(Contributed by Zara Saldanha)

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