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OFA discusses challenges faced by Omani women

2 Nov 2021 By ANIRBAN RAY

Muscat – Success stories, challenges and hurdles for women in Oman were discussed at the third edition of the ‘Inspirational Women of Oman’ conference held at Hormuz Grand Hotel on Monday.

Organised by Omani French Friendship Association (OFA), more than a hundred women attended the event that presented interesting insights into the journeys of three inspiring women – Nutaila al Kharusi, managing director and psychotherapist at Al Harub Medical Center; Dr Zayana Aisri, team lead for Regional Geology Team at PDO; and Nadia Sultan, educational psychologist at Inspire Educational Consultancy.

In her presentation, Nutaila said, “Both women and men need to support women. It has been proven that when professional women support and celebrate the success of other women, it is indeed a victory and motivation to every woman. We need more mentors for young women.”

Zayana revealed that most of her team mates are men, “but I do not try to be like them. Being with them doesn’t mean that I change my originality or characteristics. I continue to be who I am and I feel that I do not need to be a man or aggressive to be professional”.

To deal with emotional stress, her remedy is engagement with loved ones and disconnecting from work for sometime.

A significant issue raised in the conference was that of mental health and the urgent and immediate need to address it. “It is very important to deal with this at the school level. We need more awareness and education in society on this,” Nadia said.

Urging women to be passionate about their life goals, Nadia said, “Pursue your dream with full integrity and faith. Never give up.”

The event was moderated by communications consultant Sara al Lamki.

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